Roundup Transactions

Please can you make the roundup transaction item optional. I don’t like it :tired_face:

Prefer it to happen in the background and realise I’ve saved lots of change without it being a separate entry

It is optional? And it doesn’t show in the feed anymore? Just a little icon to say it’s rounded up but doesn’t show the amount and you can hide the pot.


From my recollection this is the case, no? It’s actually a thing Monzo have done better than any other bank.

If you’re referring to your bank statements it has to show as a separate transaction to show movement of money.

In the app, it won’t show you unless you tap said transaction, or you look at your round up pot.


The roundup transaction feature is optional and is off by default.

if you choose your display picture from the Home screen then choose “Edit” you can hide the Roundup pot you have set up to avoid seeing the balance on a day to day basis. You’ll still see “roundup” on transactions as it has to show money movement as Carlo mentioned. That way you can keep it backgrounded and still have a nice surprise later when you check up on it.