Separate roundup entry in feed

I’ve got a roundup pot and I’ve always been able to see the little roundup txt next to the amount spent to show it’s been roundup without getting in the way of the main feed.

Today I’ve noticed in addition to this I’m seeing a separate roundup entry which in cluttering up my feed and has basically doubled the amount of entries listed, half of which I’m not bothered about.

Please tell me this is an optional setting and where I turn it off? Thanks.

Hello :wave:

This sounds like a bug? Perhaps some screenshots (with details/amounts redacted of course) might help to understand it a little further.

If I read this correctly, you’re seeing a double entry. It shows the roundup amount separate to the transaction?

It always used to do this.

Delete the app, RESTART, reinstall. That’ll probably fix it.


For every transaction I’m seeing a separate
’roundup’ line on my feed with the amount roundup. Just noticed today that it had started doing it, very annoying.

So it’s a bug, and the app has to be deleted to clear it?

Looks like it.

No idea. But that will probably solve it. That’s what Monzo would suggest in the first instance.

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Deleting the app has sorted it out, cheers. Thought Monzo had made a really bad design change to the app for a second there :joy: