Round up transactions not shown on a transaction

I have a transaction that has been rounded up from £8.45 to £9, using the round up to savings feature.
The transaction in my feed is displaying £8.45 with no round up. Clicking on the transaction to view details also shows no round up.
The total in my current account behaves as if £9 has been spent.
My savings account is behaving as if the £0.55 has gone in.

I.e. the totals are all correct. It’s just visibility of the transaction being rounded up that’s missing.

Details to reproduce:
Unknown. Other transaction are displaying correctly.
OS: Android
Device: One plus 6T
App Version: 3.41.1

Screenshots: I’m not comfortable providing screenshots of my bank account publicly.

There are occasionally delays with round-ups – I have experienced this myself. I’ve found if you click the payments tab and back to the home/feed it refreshes it.

Thanks for responding.
The transaction was on Sunday and still appears incorrect now (Wednesday).
I also made a purchase today that is correctly showing as rounded up.
I’ve tried closing and reopening the app as well as your suggestion of going to payments then back to the main screen. But the transaction is still displaying incorrectly.

Hmm. I’d click on the transaction and select the “something wrong” item, and raise it for the COps to look at it, then. I mean, you could try uninstalling the app and reinstalling, or deleting the cache (I think this is more simple on iOS), ahead of that, but otherwise it’s down to getting Monzo themselves involved if you can’t prod the app into refreshing properly.

sometimes the roundups don’t work, that happens to me a few times i don’t really worry about it it’s minor