Shouldn't be able to "reply" to payment notifications


When paired with a Wear OS device, or using Phone Hub on a Chromebook, Monzo payment notifications incorrectly allow you to reply to them.

It looks like the Monzo app is somehow flagged as a messaging app when it shouldn’t be.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Use Monzo on an Android device paired to a Chromebook through Phone Hub and/or with a Wear OS device.
  2. Receive a payment.
  3. See the notification in Phone Hub in ChromeOS and have the option to Reply.

OS: Has been happening for ages, but current versions of Android, ChromeOS, and Wear OS (Pixel Watch)
Device: Multiple phones
App Version: Current, but as stated above, has been happening for a while.


This is intended behaviour.

It’s because when you receive a payment from monzo to Monzo you can send a message back

Maybe, but when I, for example, tap the keyboard symbol on my watch, type something and hit Send, it doesn’t show up for the person who sent me the money.

That seems like it should do something.

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Tapping the notification is supposed to open up the Monzo app to the screen where you can respond to the payment with an emoji – which it obviously can’t do when the notification is on a watch.

I agree with you, it’s worded as if you are only supposed to read it on the device that has your Monzo app and doesn’t take into account that that may not be the case.


This is the point I’m making. Compare it to the notification you get when someone settled a Shared Tab. The actions are “Add notes”, which works as intended (showing a note on the incoming payment on my side) or “Say thanks”, which opens the emoji picker in the app.

The “Reply” button in a normal incoming payment doesn’t do anything at all - it doesn’t even add a note to the incoming payment on my side.

All I would expect to see on my watch is “Open on phone” and “Clear”. On ChromeOS, it shouldn’t appear in the notification tray at all since it shouldn’t present a Reply button.


It’s just as stupid on iOS/watchOS. The notification on an Apple Watch says “Tap to say thanks!” and tapping it does precisely nothing.

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Ah, well at least it’s not unique to Android + Wear OS + ChromeOS then.

It seems like on both iOS and Android, it’s presenting itself to the OS as some sort of messaging app, which it clearly isn’t.

No, not on iOS. It’s just presenting a simple notification that has a deep-linking URL into the Monzo app bundled with it, which is triggered when the user taps the notification. The notification doesn’t offer up a ‘Reply’ button like with messaging apps.

It’s just poorly thought out all round.