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Hey everyone!

A couple of you have mentioned that you would like to have the ability to pay people with Android Pay on and I am happy to say that it should be coming soon!

We were able to use the new PaymentRequest APIs built into Chrome to support both Android Pay and Chrome’s card UI to make it even easier to pay people with (the plan is to replace our current payment form with the chrome payment form on supported devices)

What do you all think? Any questions?

More love to Android app
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Looks fantastic - well done man! :grinning:

(Josh Bray) #3

Looks really great. Would make paying someone as easy as just a few taps. Saves time and effort.


Looks like it would be quite handy!

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This would be awesome, think adding any new payment option makes it easier and will encourage people to use the features more… thanks for continuing to evolve the android side of things :slight_smile:

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I expect there will be a blog post about this later today.