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Hi there,

This is a little something that I’m sure would make sense to many of you. Have you ever wanted to say “thanks” after a friend paid you some money back? It’s the polite thing to do after splitting a bill and we want to make it really easy so you don’t need to go to WhatsApp or send 1p back just to say thanks :wink:

So the idea is that with every incoming payment you’ll have a button to add a quick emoji reaction. Just a cute way to say thanks.

On the other side of the interaction (the person sending money) you’ll be able to see when your friend has received the funds, when has seen them and finally their reaction (should they decide to send it).

We still need to figure out how the notification cycle should work and consider the usual edge-cases but we thought it’d be cool to start getting your feedback. So please let us know if we are on the right direction.


PS: Again, these are designs for the iPhone app but it’d work the same on Android :slight_smile:


assume these emoji replies are just for Monzo customers. In Monese there is a good function where there is a click on option that lets you send money back to anyone that has sent you money, it automatically picks up the sort code and account number from the incomming payment and you just type an amount and a reference/message


Woah, looking good, design looks quite nice and I’d assume if it was a group split there would be multiple thanks’ to be had on each ‘Master transaction’

(Thought there is, if you spend £40 on lunch, 3 people give you £10, they are like ‘sub’ transactions and there could be up to 3 thanks given to the £40 ‘Master’ transaction) :slight_smile:

All of these cool new designs / features makes me wish I could convince any of my friends and / or colleagues to use Monzo! :joy:


Would love this idea is brilliant hugo ftw :slight_smile: when you pushing to TestFlight :blush::blush::blush:


It’s a cute idea. I’m not sure it is something I’d use very frequently but maybe if I have some more friends (…who use Monzo…) it will be more helpful.


This looks sweet. Great idea :monzo:

I actually quite like this effect :slight_smile:


Looks beautiful, obviously I expected nothing less. Something I hope to use when I have more friends on Monzo :ok_hand:


Will you include all the slack emojis? Such as :james: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, that’s a great idea! I’ve pushed a lot of my friends and family onto Monzo, so it’s a feature that I’d be using quite a lot. :heart:

Personally I do not see the point in this at all. Seems like a total gimmick. If it’s a faster payment they know you got it…
(And who’s sending 1ps as thankyou)


So you don’t thank people when they send you a payment?

Perhaps it’s surprising but I’ve seen quite a few tweets from users who’ve done this, here’s a lovely example from a particularly generous user

+ Monzo would know if users are doing this, of course :bulb:


No I don’t. Nor would I expect to be and nor would my friends. But if I wanted to say thanks I’d say it and it would be more sincere then an emoji or a 1p/5p.

Maybe the 1p club have too much time on their hands! Here’s a penny back for paying your rent / back that 50 I lent you.

I’d also want a way to turn them off. It adds nothing to any financial transaction which is of use and would be a pointless notification.


Each to their own I guess :slight_smile: You don’t have to use the feature if you don’t want to.

So you’re saying that you wouldn’t want to know if someone had used this feature to thank you for paying them?

I too feel it is a gimick and they would be better spent spending time on something more useful

100% NO - I’m not interested at all in being notified about something which has zero value. Its notification spam.
I dont need a heart emoji to know if my friend is grateful i’ve sent them something, especially as we’d have likely already spoken about it. I really wouldn’t expect it being sent.
And where does it end…Is the utility company going to send a heart emoji for collecting the direct debit, or a shop when it does a refund?

I also like my bank account to be accurate and accounted for - I wouldn’t want random 1p’s and 5p’s all over the statement.
We’d need a pointless thank you category along with a sliding scale of how much said friend was actually thankful/liked you.
1p just a little bit and 10p you’re the dogs bananas?

Granted if people want it fair enough, but would imagine theres way better areas to spend dev time on. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I’ll let others judge whether or not you’re making helpful / valid points there.

As for me, since Monzo appears to have empathy for others as one of it’s core values, this is exactly the type of feature that I’d expect them to build. And it’s the connection that this sort of feature creates that I believe will be one of the main reasons why people will appreciate & be loyal to Monzo.

I expect we’ll see from social media (on top of all the likes that Hugo’s post has had), exactly how much people appreciate this feature :crystal_ball: & if they do, the resulting growth will give Monzo the resources to build features that you’ll hopefully value more too.

Personally wouldn’t class empathy as an emoji. I’d judge them on empathy by the way they dealt with me day to day over a period of time, rather then on this particular feature.
I’d also judge how they performed as a business overall on the entire experience - i.e. the ability to be able to turn these on or off for those that do or dont want to know about it.

Completely agree its a personal thing and you’re right that it is each to their own- but i’d put value on someone speaking the words thank you over sending a two hearts for eyes emoji. Or if i wanted to say thank you to someone i’d find a better way and it wouldn’t involve me using my bank EVER.

Not everyone talks in emoji’s… just saying.


If the feature/function existed - you agree to send money to your friend as part of your discussion, do you think they would then open their phone and find an appropriate emoji to send back to you whilst you’re there and not say “oh, got it - thanks for that”.

I see where you’re coming from with it being a feature not currently available with offering from other financial institutions but personally I would love to see it implemented - a fun way of replying to a transaction and it would be great for the sender to know that the recipient has received the money.

Money is money - whether it be a 1p or £100 transaction you’ve just mentioned that you want it to be accurate and accounted for but don’t want these transactions listed? I’m not quite following you on that point… could you expand a little bit more on it? The point of these emojis is to reduce/remove the need to send a return transaction of 1p etc to say “thanks”. I’m sure instead of emojis it could include a short text field reply.

Great feature would love to have it implemented, I don’t currently send 1p back to say thank you but do shoot people quick messages on whatsapp so very valid point raised. Transactions going to other people who I’m not too chummy with or don’t have contact details for - this could bridge that gap! (without having to start an awkward conversation as well :joy:)

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Yeaah. I’m not sure I’d be using this regularly. I think I will with my flatmate because we already use ridiculous notes and a ton of emojis. :sob::sweat_smile::smile_cat:

I think it’s ok concept personally, but it doesn’t ‘wow’ me. I sense that it has a hugo* potential to be really popular and unique functionality. I know few people using Monzo that will be all over it. :laughing:

I have a feeling that this feature wouldn’t be designed, unless the team had some spare resources. It’s not uncommon in a project that some members of the team suddenly have a gap, because of order of things or timings… I appreciate that Monzo decided to make this filler gimmick functionality for us to have some fun.

*see what I did there?

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