Should we flag up Merchants that don't have a custom Icon?

(Damien) #1

As the title asks…

Wetherspoon merchant data
(Tristan Thomas) #2

Good question! :slight_smile:

In short: only if you know it has a custom icon on Twitter.
The long version: currently we take merchant icons from Twitter, so if you know they have a Twitter account with a custom icon, then please do flag it up (and ideally include their @handle). In the long term, we’ll probably expand that to include Facebook/Instagram/the wider web. But for now, if it’s a tiny cornershop/restaurant, they may well not have any custom logo so we’ll stick with our general category icons.

Hope that makes sense?

Adding logos from brands w/o Twitter profiles
(Damien) #3


What about franchisees or just stores that may technically be different merchants? I.E The Weatherspoons in Liverpool Street Station is ‘Hamilton Hall’. Would that qualify?

(Tristan Thomas) #4

Yup, for sure. We’ll see if they have a logo specifically but if not go for a Wetherspoons one.

(Damien) #5

Cool. I couldn’t find a Twitter account for that one specifically but the official one is here:

(Chatan Vekariya) #6

I have flagged a couple of merchants, for example Subway is franchised heavily should I continue to flag if a custom icon doesn’t show up on the app?

(Rika Raybould) #7

That’s what I’ve done, it’s been fixed every time.

(Jonathan Hansford) #8

Any news on when we can use something other than Twitter to propose an icon? I don’t get on with Twitter and had deleted it from my phone, so it is rather frustrating I’ve had to install it again just to get icons updated.

(Alex Sherwood) #9

Good question, I’m guessing the Twitter’s still best for the team because the logos there are in a standard format but hopefully they’ll have an update on the other options too.

In the meantime, how about using the browser version of Twitter instead?

(Tom Warren) #10

I’d like to see a programme where respected community members, or some metric to gauge a person’s contribution to Monzo, where they can approve others merchant info submissions.

As with mobile game Ingress, they eventually got swamped with submissions so a programme like this may help when Monzo long term?

(Andrew Schofield) #11

I’ve submitted icon suggestions from facebook and they’ve been accepted. Granted I use the Android app, so I have to use in-app chat, but that might be the way forward for iOS users to submit non-twitter icons as well.

(Jonathan Hansford) #12

Good thinking. I’ve uninstalled Twitter & I feel better already :slightly_smiling_face: