Should we flag up Merchants that don't have a custom Icon?

As the title asks…

Good question! :slight_smile:

In short: only if you know it has a custom icon on Twitter.
The long version: currently we take merchant icons from Twitter, so if you know they have a Twitter account with a custom icon, then please do flag it up (and ideally include their @handle). In the long term, we’ll probably expand that to include Facebook/Instagram/the wider web. But for now, if it’s a tiny cornershop/restaurant, they may well not have any custom logo so we’ll stick with our general category icons.

Hope that makes sense?


What about franchisees or just stores that may technically be different merchants? I.E The Weatherspoons in Liverpool Street Station is ‘Hamilton Hall’. Would that qualify?

Yup, for sure. We’ll see if they have a logo specifically but if not go for a Wetherspoons one.

Cool. I couldn’t find a Twitter account for that one specifically but the official one is here:

I have flagged a couple of merchants, for example Subway is franchised heavily should I continue to flag if a custom icon doesn’t show up on the app?

That’s what I’ve done, it’s been fixed every time.

Any news on when we can use something other than Twitter to propose an icon? I don’t get on with Twitter and had deleted it from my phone, so it is rather frustrating I’ve had to install it again just to get icons updated.

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Good question, I’m guessing the Twitter’s still best for the team because the logos there are in a standard format but hopefully they’ll have an update on the other options too.

In the meantime, how about using the browser version of Twitter instead?

I’d like to see a programme where respected community members, or some metric to gauge a person’s contribution to Monzo, where they can approve others merchant info submissions.

As with mobile game Ingress, they eventually got swamped with submissions so a programme like this may help when Monzo long term?

I’ve submitted icon suggestions from facebook and they’ve been accepted. Granted I use the Android app, so I have to use in-app chat, but that might be the way forward for iOS users to submit non-twitter icons as well.

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Good thinking. I’ve uninstalled Twitter & I feel better already :slightly_smiling_face:

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