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Just throwing out a general thought about the logo selection process for retailers. I’ve been using Monzo for a little under a year, and have since gathered a long list of transactions. What I’ve noticed is some retailers have changed their logos over the past year - but their old logo persists on the feed.

I understand it’s easy to report it and change it - but some retailers (JD Wetherspoon, for example) are listed on the Monzo feed as different pubs, and the Wetherspoon Twitter icon has changed a few times over the past few months (promos and such), meaning the different pubs have different icons.

Is there a any sign of automatic icon-refresh in the works? Or once a handle is associated, that’s it until reported?

This isn’t make or break, I’m going to be sticking around anyway - but interested to know!



I’ve noticed some retailer logos do update over time in the feed, especially after logging out and back in. I suspect the backend is refreshing the icons but the apps may be holding on to the cached image effectively forever?

Would be great to hear from the team on this.

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I didn’t think about caching - you might be onto something there.

I’ve noticed a change too every now and then

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Just to add on to this, it’d be good if we could suggest Facebook Pages instead. Quite a few local businesses near me are on Facebook but don’t have Twitter.

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At present it’s a manual process. After a retailer has had a certain amount of transactions, it gets flagged for review. Then, after another x amount of transactions it gets flagged again.

It’s quite a time-consuming process and quite low priority compared to support queries obviously so we’re working on ways to improve this.

I’ve run into the same issue. When I do, I just paste the full Facebook URL into the Twitter field (in a previous version of the app, it was just a URL field anyway, not Twitter specific). I can’t remember for sure, but my impression is that sometimes the Monzo team has used the Facebook page I’ve submitted, and sometimes not.

To be honest, there are also cases where there is a Twitter account, but the icon used on the website as a favicon or specified as an iPhone/iPad icon looks much better at the small sizes in the Minzo feed. A year ago, I tried to get them to use the favicon from ScotRail’s website instead of the Twitter icon, for this reason, but to no avail. :frowning2:

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