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Just looking at the missing logos on my feed with no company logos and I know I’ve suggested twitter accounts etc. but the logo never appears which I guess means they weren’t accepted. I understand you couldn’t possibly feedback every reason but I think the reason is because they are a franchise store so it’s not 100% related but that is the “brand” of the store.

My example is the little shop up the road is a Nisa local but it’s name on the feed is Selsey general. Now I submitted the Nisa Twitter account a couple of times but it’s still not got a logo.

What checks are made to ensure that those shops are franchises of that brand and why would that have been rejected?


and I have reported shops at incorrect addresses (wrong town!) and how same company appearing twice (once under name in full and once abbreviated) but changes do not seem to have been made. Why are we not getting replies or updates on any amendments we request to retailer data?


I can’t imagine this being a top priority in all honesty.

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You say that but one thing push a lot is the UI of the feed and the reason they added the option to allow us to update info was so that it wasn’t “a boring list” so I think it will be higher up than you think as this merchant database will be used when they become an unrestricted bank as well


I think I’ve read somewhere that Merchant logos aren’t always updated straight away clientside.

Fully closing the app or logging out and then back in might trigger it.

I think they do also have quite a big backlog of suggested changes to work through.


I just think they have been working hard on other aspects of the bank and the backlog has built up. They will soon go through them admittedly but don’t think at the current time it’s a huge priority for them.

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I’ve asked quite a lot of questions and given a ton of feedback to various people on the team about this kind of thing. Not got many answers yet but I’m told it’s on the table for a full review after current accounts launch.


Thought that would be the case, makes total sense to me.

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The addition of a comment field in the “report an issue” page could help with that.

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