Sharing financial commitment scam on Facebook a friend has signed up I've not moved up the queue

Sharing financial commitment scam on Facebook a friend has signed up I’ve not moved up the queue can you please explain to me what is going on.

don’t quite understand the problem if you could be more specific - are you in the queue for a Monzo card which when you’ve introduced a friend hasn’t moved you up the queue to deposit money onto the pre paid card - or you’ve signed up to a financial scam on Facebook ? or are you suggesting that Monzo is a "financial scam " and you’ve been scammed out of money by Monzo i.e. “scammed” into parting with money under false pretence - and you want help from the Monzo community ?


Have you signed up not moved up the queue and are now going to write a horrible post on BookFace? :upside_down_face:


Hi Danny boy.

Please take me of your con list free add.
I don’t put my money with babes who can’t take there customers opinions.
As I’ve just got my Loot card with in 5 days that’s professional.
Honesty goes a long way in the money business.
You ask you’re customers to share your add on social media so you need to learn to respect people’s opinions.
What do they say! live by the sawed etc.

Kind regards

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Unfortunately I can’t see this discussion going anywhere constructive so I’ve closed this topic.

Philip - please contact the support team via or by sending a DM on Twitter, if a friend signing up via your referral link hasn’t enabled you to move up the waiting list.

Hi Phil,

Just to be clear, Danny isn’t a Monzo employee.

We’d love to help you with your problem, if you’re still interested would you mind explaining the issue in more detail please?