Monzo Premium - One Year FREE [ is it a scam ?🚨]


I am wondering if there are any Monzo staff that can help out here. A friend of mine has messaged me today saying he got a free year of premium for being a loyal customer. Is this something that is being offered to other customers?


Oh my.

Not staff here, but did your friend tell you how it happened? Was it on the back of a support chat or just a pop up in the app?

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Unless it’s directly offered in app, chances are that it’s a scam


I want to believe this but I can’t see it happening, unless to settle a complaint possibly.

This screams scam.

If not, if it’s not in the app you haven’t got the offer.


It’s always a ‘friend’ :eyes::rofl:

If it was real I’m sure he’d of been able to prove it to you


I spoken to him properly and now know why. he added his wife to his account and they offiered premium for the price of plus.

You can’t add someone to an account.

He could have created a joint account with her, but you can’t have Premium/Plus for joint accounts.


This sounds too good to be true. Unless Monzo confirm this or screenshots show otherwise I’m inclined to add a warning to the thread title.

won’t lie I clicked in on the hope some final year magic had happened


If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

What’s more concerning is it’s a friend. Are you sure it’s them and they’ve not had something of theirs compromised? :confused:


Yeah this didn’t happen, I’m 99.9% certain of it, if I’m wrong I’ll eat my hat*

*I don’t own a hat

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“Add me to your account to get Premium for free for a year. Just change your email address to definitelynotascam@trustme.bro for 5 minutes so I can verify”

It’s how social media accounts get compromised, too. Not sure if Monzo require ID to login on a new device, or if they just rely on Magic Links?

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New device you have to do a video selfie thing


So, I don’t think this is a scam, but I’m not sure it’s fully rolled out to all.

This was seen in a recent tear down:

<string name="new_customer_plus_free_trial_day0_initial_feature">control</string>

Which mentions a plus free trial.

However. I doubt Monzo would give it for a full year tbf.

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Free Plus for a month has been going on for a while I think


I had to take a photo of my passport too when I got my new phone

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I don’t recall having to do that bit, but either way there’s deffo extra security when adding to a new device at least :raised_hands:

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Well I cannot say that applies to everyone, but I have never had that apply. I have moved between different phones a few times this last year because of a breakage and never did Monzo require that. Revolut did mind

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Kind of, but not really.

I’m in Austria right now, and my personal phone is currently sat at home. Maybe I should have actually checked when the cab driver asked if I’d left anything…

Anyway I do have my work phone and I’ve never used it for Monzo. When I logged in, and clicked the magic link I was asked for my card’s pin and nothing else. I was in.

About 30 seconds later my account got blocked, and I was told that I needed to submit a video saying ‘Hi I’m Richard and I’m a Monzo customer’ and a few seconds after sending the video my account was unblocked.

So there’s no default extra security, but it seems like there’s some sort of risk model where if you fail it, you do get asked extra stuff. In my case, ‘wait, why are you logging in on a new device when your phone is 900 miles away?’

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There was for me, like I said a video selfie

Edit - just seen Dan’s post after mine, new process :+1:

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