Shared Tab: Ability to compile without adding participants

Hi, Is it possible to create a shared tab without adding participants? There may be instances where you want to collate a list for example and then send it to a list of participants. Or there may be instances where the other user is not using Monzo and you’d just like to log it within the app. Thanks.

Interesting idea.

In what sort of situations would this be useful?

I can definitely see a use in being able to add a non-Monzo user to a Shared tab though.

Good point. I suppose if there was a situation where you were splitting costs and one participant was short on cash - out of politeness, you might want to wait until they get paid before adding them (but still collate the transactions as and when you pay them). Less strong point; If there was uncertainty in vacation expenditure; you might vet the list of transactions as a group, and come up with a finalised list before sending to all the participants.

Couldn’t you just ask the other person to pay you when they get paid?

I think the ability to partially settle a Shared Tab would also help that situation. You can vote for that feature here:

But wouldn’t you do this as you go along by adding each transaction to a Shared Tab which everyone is already in? That way each person could see exactly what they owe and even pay it off during the holiday.