Can shared tabs be settled from non Monzo users?

My other half has Monzo but not as the primary account. I’ve gone full Monzo, the better half is yet to be convinced. If I open a shared tab for something, can it be settled by a non Monzo user?

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You wont be able to set up a shared tab without selecting another Monzo user from your contacts unfortunately, so a shared tab might not be the best option for you and partner.

You can split a bill with a non-Monzo user though, so if you’re looking to split specific transactions that could be a little work around for you! You’ll get a link set up for the exact amount you’ve split with a note showing what it’s for.

I know that’s a bit more tedious than a shared tab if you’re going to splitting several things though :sweat_smile:


I seem to recall you could add additional users (that weren’t monzo) to the shared tab after you’ve selected at least one Monzo user. Or am I wrong there?

I’ve just given it a go on one of my shared tabs, and definitely doesn’t seem possible I’m afraid!

Definitely a cool idea though, maybe something like a little web page that shows all the transactions on a shared tab with buttons for different links for different amounts :thinking: (I’m rambling)

Not rambling, i agree. I think it should be possible to create a Monzo.Me split as a person within that shared tab. That way when you add them you could share their own unique pay link and they can pay by card/apple pay or whatever. Makes things easier and a very Monzo-eqsue.

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