Setup salary payments from Business account

Hey guys,

I’ve just got my Monzo business account setup and have just started the account switch. However, I cannot see anywhere in the app to set up a salary payment so my personal account recognises this as my monthly salary.

How do I do this with Monzo?


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I would think you would make a BACS or Faster Payment to yourself, then in your personal account select this as your Salary when selecting your summary date.

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Hmmm okay. As long as my Monzo personal account knows this is a salary payment for budgeting then great. It couldn’t do it from my Lloyds because it was a standing order.

Okay I’ve just checked and I can only setup a standing order for salaries being paid from my account. I want to setup my salary payments as they’re due next week.

When I had issues with my personal Monzo account recognising a salary the customer services team told me that it was because I was paying via standing order and not via a BACS payment.

Does Monzo business have a BACS payment option? Or can I only do standing orders, and thus, not have my personal account recognise this payment as a salary?


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My salary is paid by faster payments.

Select it here :slight_smile:

How did you do that in the app?

Sorry, I’m confused. I’m trying to setup a salary payment from my Monzo business account, not my personal account as you’re showing there.

I’ve just added a monthly standing order from my Business Account for now as I’ve just seen bulk payments is on the roadmap so should be available at some point.

This is how you tell your personal account which incoming standing order is your salary which is what you want to do?

Ah sorry, I get you. I’ll do that when the first payment hits my account. Thanks.