Monzo doesn't recognise my salary!

I’m full Monzo, with all my direct debits going out and my salary coming in.

However, the app doesn’t realise the payments coming in are my salary! So I don’t get a nice notification or anything else that recognises the payment in was my salary. It just shows up as a transfer into my account.

Note that I have three salaries coming in a month. One main one and two secondary ones (from the same payer) but they nevertheless also form part of my ‘salary’.

So the question is, how can I get Monzo to realise these are salary payments?

Sounds like the payments are coming in as faster payments rather than direct credits which salaries are usually paid via. At the moment there’s no way to manually set a particular payment or payer as a salary payment unfortunately :sweat:


Although there’s no way of marking the payment as salary, you can change an incoming payment for your Summery Start period. That way Summary accurately predicts which payments are still yet to come out until your next “main payday”.

To do that, go to Summary, then click “This Month” below the subtitle. Then Change next to Start Date.

Thanks for the reply. Shame I can’t simply tag the three monthly payments as ‘salary’, one for the pipeline.


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