Salary paid in after scheduled payments are due to happen

Hi, I’ve just moved my Salary payments over to Monzo and the first payday was today. I get paid by BACS (I believe it’s BACS anyway, as that’s what appears on my payslip) but it always seems to get paid in around 8am-830 by the payroll company my company uses, as if it’s a manual payment. I wanted to have some scheduled payments or pot movements happen on payday but noticed the day before payday that the pot movements and standing orders were due to go out at 3am, over 5 hours before my salary lands in the account. To avoid any of these payments failing due to lack of funds, I cancelled them and did them manually. How would Monzo handle this particular use case for next month’s pay? Will it hold on to those scheduled payments until money appears in the account? or will they just fail?

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Hi, when you get paid by BACS now you will have the option (when you go into the payment) to Sort Salary. You can then tell Monzo what Pots you want certain amounts moved to, I have just set my up today so haven’t seen it in action but it should move your money around when the next salary comes in.

Please see this blog by Monzo:

and this:

Hope this helps?

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The payments will fail due to lack of funds.

BACS payments show up the day before (normally) and are scheduled to go into the account at 1am (BST) so something appearing at about 8am looks like a Faster Payment to me.


It does look that way, yes. Seems a bit strange it being referred to as BACS on my payslip. It’s a bit frustrating as I had scheduled payments go out on my payday when using Starling bank that would seem to wait until my pay had appeared (still at around 8am) and they wouldn’t fail due to lack of funds. I did use the Salary Sorter this morning, but I want to remove as much manual fiddling and transferring as possible and automate all my payments and savings as much as I can. Delaying the payments by a day might make this doable but it’s not the best solution

Thanks, I did use the Salary Sorter this morning, which worked nicely. But I had standing orders due to go out to an external account from Bill Pots, which would be filled with scheduled payments from the main account into the Bill Pots on my payday. As all this chain of automated payments looked like it wasn’t going to work, just because of my awkward salary pay-in time, I cancelled them and did it manually.

Aside from using Salary sorter and get paid early, the only real fool proof solution to this is ensuring your Payments Out are scheduled on a day that will always be later than your latest possible pay day.

I’m thinking I could maybe use IFTTT to automate the pots movement at 9-10am on payday so it’s after the salary goes in at least, and then just set the standing orders for the day after payday, at least then my bills and savings money isn’t mingling with my spending money.

Tap on the salary payment transaction & check to see if there is a line in there that says “:arrow_right: Send money to [payee]”

If there is, you’ve been paid by the Faster Payments method (despite what your payslip says)
If there isn’t, it is definitely a BACS payment


I think unfortunately as Monzo have no ‘incoming transaction’ as a trigger in IFTTT then it’s a bit more work.

I’m sure you could set up an applet that runs on a specific day and time, but it would still be static. (i.e somewhere you have to hard-code what the date is).

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yep, it has a Send Money to option so must be Faster Payments. Bit strange the payslip has it wrong like that. Thanks

I’ve just set the IFTTT applets as static date-time, to move Bill money etc. into pots at 9am on my payday. It’s always been before 9am, and is always the working day before if the 25th isn’t on a working day. So in this case it should work fine, then any scheduled payments i.e. Standing Orders I’ve scheduled to go out on the 26th instead. Should all still work just not without a little set up. It’s basically the same as just pushing the normal 3am automatic payment time for a specific date back to 9am

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You’re not the first person here to inform a payslip shows BACS when in fact the payment method is via FP

There’s an unbalance in the force somewhere…