Does Monzo recognise payments that are salary automatically?

Hi guys,

I just opened a Monzo account the other day and got my Coral friend in the post today :tada:

I see in the app there’s a button to Add Salary, but I’m wondering how that works in practice. I’m currently a student with a job lined up so looking forward to using it. Is it automatic or do you designate payments from x as salary? I can’t see the screen right now because switching is in progress. :grinning:

I’m especially excited to set up IFTTT to automatically allocate salary to different pots… automatic budgeting :heart_eyes:



Yes in general it will recognise your salary automatically as long as it’s via BACS credit and not faster payment or other transfer method.

Not 100% sure what detection methods it uses but it’s always picked mine up as salary, although mine does say salary in the BACS reference!


I think it picks up pretty much every BACS payment. I always get the payday message when I make an insurance claim


Ever since I bought sandwiches at the work canteen, my salary has been groceries!


Doesn’t for me when I pay myself dividends as a director worth bearing in mind

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Just to clarify it for you, the ‘Add Salary’ button just takes you to a screen which shows you how to switch to Monzo using the CASS, and also presents your bank details for you to give to your employer. There is nothing else to it :slightly_smiling_face:.


Monzo identifies payments that are BACS Credit and marks them as a salary as @glasgow mentioned. If you worked two jobs and received two BACS payments then I am led to believe you would get two notifications.

P.S. The button will stay there even after you’ve added your salary and used the CASS. I’m full Monzo and have my salary paid in, but the button still shows :slightly_smiling_face:

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This happens to me when I buy coffee at work :joy::joy: have to change my salary category every month haha.

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There’s definitely some transaction matching going on as well rather than just picking up BACS DC payments, I get paid via Faster Payments but I still get the payday notification.

I have marked the salary transaction as the one to use for starting my summary period before, so I’d assumed it was just matching the same payer details :man_shrugging:

There must be a lower limit as my quarterly FIT payment isn’t picked up as salary. Probably the same £200 that is running on the budget picker

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That isn’t possible yet :cry: but hopefully :soon:

Yes it recognise my salary payment automatically :blush:


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I’ve been getting my salary paid in since December 2017, but still have the ‘Add Salary’ option in Summary and don’t receive the payday notification. It is paid via FPS however…

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Unfortunately not if you’re paid via FPS

See above, it works for me via FPS:

Maybe this is a limitation of Summary then? As I use a fixed date to reset the month (1st) rather than using my salary.

Maybe. I reset it automatically based on my (varying) salary payment date.

How are the ‘payday’ notifications supposed to work @Jami? Is this a feature linked to Summary?

Not sure why mine doesn’t work but simple solution would be to say “any incoming payment from X is salary”. My salary is the only payment I get from my employer so this would solve it pretty easily


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