Salary not recognised as being my salary when paid in

I have my salary paid into my Monzo account at the end of every month. I gave my employer all my banking details and it has been fine. But Monzo doesn’t recognise that as my salary being paid in. Is there a way i can highlight that as my salary?

I can categorise it, but just not as a salary. Which also means that when i want to set my monthly budget around being paid, i can’t because there is no ‘salary’ to select from.

I just want a way to select my salary as my salary in Monzo, and update the budget date each month around that payment.

Hi @ABrown92 ,

You sure can tag it as your sallary!

If you head over to the summery tab and select the following in the screenshot you should be good to go :tada:. Bare in mind it will only let you select a payment over £200 as your salary for the time being. More flexibility is coming on this soon :slight_smile:



It’d be great if salaries being paid in was looked at quite urgently. The summary tab doesn’t give me flexibility in terms of what happens when your payday is more than 30 days long basically.

I’d like to see the ability to tap on a payment, set it as a salary payment, and then select how long that pay month will be. If you get paid on the last working day of the month then it’ll vary for every month which then makes the summary tab pretty ineffective. I can’t imagine it being too complex to add this feature, and would make the summaries for each category much better.

Considering Monzo want more people to pay their salary into their account, I’d expect there to be more features in using the salary payment with the app and the data it gives.


Thanks Jack.

To the note below, my month doesn’t run exactly as a month most of the time, i.e. 28 June - 28 July. I get paid on the last day of the month every month, which means i could have a month that is 29 June - 31 July, or if it is a weekend then i could get paid 2 days earlier, for example. Will there be an update where i can not only select the start of my month, but can select when my month will end too?

Hopefully soon, I know they are looking to add more flexibility here,
I’m in a similar situation and have to select the new start date each month.

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I liked the old summary thing. this one works laggy on my iPhone and for me is a mess. I don’t understand it, it was supposed to be easier to understand. Maybe is just me, stupid haha