Who gets their salary paid into Monzo?

Hi all,
Recently opened my Monzo current account, I’m really loving the app but does anyone actually get there salary paid into there Monzo account? Has there been any problems? Just thought I would get feedback before doing it :+1:t2:


Hi Barry, welcome to Monzo - you might want to read this thread albeit quite long about paying salaries into Monzo

I found the thread by using the search function at the top right of the screen using “salary” as the search :slight_smile:


Loads of us do. I have since last summer. Never had an issue. It’s lovely waking up in the morning and knowing it’s arrived thanks to the notification!


Nah, I’m using the Monzo current account as a prepaid top-up pocket money / foreign cash withdrawals card.


Yep. Since August.

No issues at all.


Since September for me, no issues either :blush:


Yep, two different jobs, no problems


if that is the case now Monzo have introduced a 3% charge for cash withdrawals you’d be better off using an alternative such as Starling which is free


Hi Barry i have now had my salary paid into my account over the lat 2 months and nothing has gone wrong. Monzo is my only bank account now and habe no issues.

Up to £200 no fee

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that is not per withdrawal, but once every 30 days, so cash withdrawals are expensive

Yes. I know. :roll_eyes:


Since August when I got the CA preview - never had any issues. :money_with_wings:


Hi Barry

Not sure these responses answer your question about the salary thing.

I guess the bottom line is, “is it safe?” and the answer’s yes. If you’re heading towards making Monzo your primary current account, then it certainly makes sense to make the move. As you can’t currently switch accounts you’ll just need to inform your payroll department.

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I’m waiting till switch service comes out. Then I’m using it to switch from First Direct which will include my main salary :slight_smile:

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The 3% charge is only for foreign cash withdrawals. UK cash withdrawals are free.


Thank you all, I also have a starling account which I’m stuck on which account I want to use as my main account, I am leaning towards Monzo


I’ve been getting my salary paid into my Monzo account since the day one.

Work changed the detail without any problems and all my DD’s changed over fine also.

It’s been rock solid and quite delightful to receive my salary in Monzo. I asked my employer to switch it to Monzo on day one back in July and have not had a problem. Sometimes I’ve even received my salary a day earlier than colleagues.

Being a bit of a night owl over the years I’ve always found myself trying to have a peak around 00:00-03:00 on payday to see if I’ve been paid and if direct debits have all gone out. Most people will probably relate to getting a nagging feeling that they need to check their bank to be sure the salary has gone in smoothly. Not sure how many people actually log in at crazy o’clock to check though - maybe that’s just me.

Over the years with other banks I’ve had to log in through many unnecessary layers of security just to see I have not been paid yet, or see I’ve been paid but the rent and bills have gone out and I’ve got barely anything left (deflating). Or even more annoyingly - see a message saying that there is pre-planned maintenance taking place right now because why would anyone want to see their money in the night time? It’s all a bit anxiety-inducing.

With Monzo I can either have notifications on to tell me how much I’ve been paid the second it lands, or (as I often choose to have them muted) just log in with a simple biometric to see everything instantly when I want. It feels real-time whereas with legacy banks it has always felt like “come back tomorrow when the working day has begun”.

It’s also really handy to be able to see a history of my salary by typing the first few letters of my employer’s name in the search box. As someone whose income can vary quite a bit it encourages me to put in overtime and try to beat the average, whereas previously I just had a rough idea that I am earning around a certain amount but wasn’t too sure. No way I’d be looking through paper statements or loading up different PDFs to get this information in the past.

All in all - switching your salary is highly recommended by me!


I do :raising_hand_man:

not that anyone will be surprised or anything