Joint Account - Support can’t help!

Hi folks,

Trying to set-up a joint account with my partner but unfortunately he’s unable to open a Monzo account because he’s previously had a Monzo registered to his phone number.

We’ve contacted support who have been absolutely far from helpful and just say that he doesn’t meet their criteria, it literally made no sense to the situation we’re dealing with?

He’s previously had a Monzo - he either wants to reopen that account or simply be set-up with a new account so we can get our joint account together, is anybody able to help direct us the best way to go about this? As mentioned support were really… unsupportive haha

The alternative is that I have to close my Monzo plus account to set-up a NatWest :face_vomiting: which I really, really do not want to do but I’m running out of options!!

Thanks everyone :blush:

If our team has said the account can’t be reopened, and we can’t open a new account, then I’m afraid that’s where the journey ends.

Least helpful I know, but we can’t go into detail as to why they’re not eligible, most, if not all banks work in this manner.

Your partner can email but I wouldn’t anticipate the outcome would change.

Starling are pretty good for a joint account, I wasn’t eligible for one with Monzo but my other half opened their starling account and opened our joint account within 6 hours tops.

There has been a lot of discussion on this lately, some people can set up accounts again if they used the CASS service, some can’t, some can rejoin if they manually closed the account, some can’t.

I think sometimes it depends on who you speak to.

I’d start off by saying you want that number disassociating with the account.


Thanks @Carlo1460, I guess my question just still ponders around why he wouldn’t be able to open account, having previously had one. I can’t quite see why someone would become ineligble - especially given a good credit/financial background.

Good shout, @Revels. I’ll let him know to request to disassociate his number from that account. He may have done a CASS so I’ll check with him. Thanks!

There’s some logic in this somewhere but however you say it to the support team they will have checked whether it’s CASS, closure, or otherwise, and respond according to process.

Removing the number and signing up again will just cause further delays as it goes into a queue and then flagged as duplicate user and someone has to review it etc.

I’d just look elsewhere :pray:t3:

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