Set up bank account now app crashes

Went through the process of setting up an account, all went fine, got to google pay, set that up no problem then after that page it then says this:
Have restart phone, uninstall and re download bur as soon as I go to sign in this happens again?

The error says that you need to contact them, what did they say?


Not so easy to contact them if you can’t use the in app chat! I guess he’d have to fire an email off to

Slightly off top I was listening to Radio 4 You & Yours the other day and they were interviewing the CEO of GiffGaff. He was espousing how great the help forums are there (& I have experience having previously been with GG) because everybody jumps in and helps out and this reduces the load on their customer support staff. They have 70 staff for 3 million customers. He also claimed that the average time to provide a solution to a problem was 90 seconds.

There’s a different ethos here where when people posting asking for help almost invariably somebody (and I’m not singling you out here Ordog, because it’s the culture on these forums) says have you asked in app.

Surely it would be better for EVERYBODY if there was a more open and supportive culture towards helping people and this would reduce the load on the COPs team. Even when a message suggests getting in touch, often somebody from here can suggest a quick resolution without typing up staff time.

/rambling thoughts

What phone hardware, system software version are you running?
Is it a custom ROM? (I’m guessing not because you added a card to GPay, but have to ask)
Do the current permissions settings on your device allow the Monzo app access to storage & camera?
Strange one this - is your phone on silent or ‘do not disturb’?, if so disable these modes
Do you have the ability to install & try the Monzo app on a different device?

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It was just a simple question, no hidden meaning. I was just curious as to what they had advised already to save repeating the same questions and wasting even more of their time :slight_smile:

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I understand that, but to somebody who is new and/or has a problem it sounds off-putting no matter how you phrase it

I’ve explained what I meant by it so there is zero confusion anymore, I’m not sure what you want me to say?

I’m sorry that you took it the wrong way, hopefully the person that it was directed at doesn’t? :confused:

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As I said, and I really don’t want to derail the thread, but this is a Monzo forum ethos rather than aimed at any specific person.

But you’ve gone on a rant in here and used me as an example.

If you’re speaking in general then you have derailed the topic already because you should have started a new one.

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