Monzo help when phone broken

(Dawid) #1


I’ve sent an e-mail to about 30h ago and wondering how much time does it take to get a response? I can’t do anything via app and my backup phone isn’t supported so I have no visibility of the account.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #2

have you tried "rebooting’ your phone - turning it off and on , if no success , delete the app and re install the app making sure you use you correct email address ? might be worth a shot :slight_smile:

(Josh Bray) #3

I think around a 48hr response time isn’t too bad. If the request is urgent then ring the number on the back of the card.

(Dawid) #4

my backup phone isn’t supported so I can’t install it and my primary phone is broken

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ah - didn’t realise your phone was broken , you didn’t say :slight_smile: - you could try the API on your PC which will at least allow you to see your balance and transactions when you are connected to it (in pennies)

developers link here -


Title of this post amended to clarify OP phone broken

(Dawid) #8

I didn’t post because all the details are in the e-mail. I applied for API a while ago but could never get the full access.

Anyway, can anybody from Monzo contact me ?

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sorry if my attempts to help wasn’t any help to you :slight_smile: - should any member of staff be reading this - @Naji ???

(Naji Esiri) #10

@Dawid Apologies for the delay Dawud, just to be clear do you have a support query or is your e-mail relating to API access in particular? Just so I know how best I can help :slightly_smiling_face:

(Dawid) #11

I have sent a message about API in-app but forgot to check responses before my phone broke down, the only option was to send an e-mail to explaining my situation. As I’m assuming the answer will be “we can’t do anything” I asked for the result of my previous query about API (basically I couldn’t sign up without account id but it doesn’t say where to find it)