Set quiet hours to stop notification sounds

Hi all, I did a search but found nothing like this. I am frequently on call with work so can’t have m phone on silent, and I tend not to be a very deep sleeper. I find that the Monzo app does the kerching sound at 2 am for when transactions are being processed overnight, sometimes that can be a number of sounds, and it wakes me up. Would it be possible to set a quiet period for a few hours where transactions don’t make notification sounds?

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If you have an iPhone you can use Do Not Disturb


He needs it on for work

At the moment you would have to remember to go to settings and turn off notifications every night, on iOS 12 might be possible to tell Siri to turn it off every night?


You could turn off sounds for Monzo notifications although that would mean you’d never get notification sounds for Monzo. Other than that DND but you’d need whitelist your work numbers. There are improvements coming in iOS 12 which will help but that’s a few months off

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I use it all the time, I have whitelisted the numbers I want to get through.


Pretty sure Android has the same feature as well - might be called something other than “do not disturb”