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First Post.

Any chance you could set timings for notifications. I do like the idea of knowing what is happening with my cash but keep getting woke up in early morning when money goes in my account.

Please help.

I don’t get enough sleep as it is.

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Put your phone on silent when you’re in bed?

This is more of a personal problem than a monzo problem.


Bazthered, why not put your phone on silent overnight? There are tools already in place to solve this problem :blush:

Do not disturb on iPhone or just turn on silent if Android

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You can set your phone to mute notifications between certain times. Saves you having to silence your phone manually every night. It’s system controlled so it will vary for whatever phone/OS you use.

Would love to but on call

Would love to mute but I am on call

If you have iPhone you can allow specific numbers etc

Tried all… on android

On most phones nowadays you can set up ‘Do Not Disturb’ functionality, and allow certain phone numbers to break that if you allow them to.

For example, I have set up a DND from 9.30pm - 6.00am and if I get a phone call from a family member during that time it’ll come through like usual just in case there’s an emergency.

Thanks everyone… Even this older man has sorted it… So disregard now and onto more important topics… Best biscuit for dunking!

Ginger nuts for me

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I turned the sound off of notifications - they were annoying!

Chocolate Hob Nobs all day, and twice on Sunday.

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