Silence Monzo option

It would be nice to have an option in Monzo settings to schedule silence time for the app. The day when all my monthly DD’s come out, they go through one at a time, always during the night and every time monzo buzzes next to my bed! Would be great to be able to say no Monzo notification between 23:00 and 06:00 for example without having to mute the phone.

This has come up before and the general consensus was that it’s better to use “Do not disturb” on your phone overnight.


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Why not just switch your phone off overnight?

If your not an emergency worker [and need it] put the phone in another room. R-

Even if you are, both iOS and android support a bypass for selected numbers. Usualy you set your ‘favourite’ numbers and set do not disturb to all except favourites.

There’s no reason to have you phone active at night it’s bad for your health.


My problem is I need to leave it on loud in case of emergency WhatsApp calls.

In android 10 (possibly others also) you can allow just certain apps to override do not disturb if that helps you.

Im often on call so need to hear phone, just not lots of Monzo notifications all night!

Thanks, yes found the do not disturb with exceptions, will try that.

Reason phone is on as I am on call so it need to be!


Thanks, am on Android, yes could set schedule but then everything is silent and i am often on call so need to hear phone, just not lots of Monzo notifications all night!

It should work, I have it setup on my phone too so let us know if you’re struggling.

As mentioned above you can customise it and set a list of what’s allowed to make noise and when :smiley:

There are lots of reasons you might not want to put your phone on “do not disturb”. I supply customer support services and while calls at odd times are rare I absolutely must be contactable. People with kids out, sick relations, calls from other countries in different time zones, etc. It’s trivial to program Monzo to simple allow a window to be defined that stops messages. So just do it.

This is silly. People should set their devices up correctly, specifying what things they want to be disturbed for and what they don’t, rather than expecting every app to add massive complexity.


I agree this would be a good option to have for some people and whilst it isn’t trivial to add anything, it sounds worthwhile to a small group of users.

Equally I don’t think it’s silly that users expect things like this, particularly Android users who are more accustomed to a higher level of customisation than those on iOS.

Personally, I don’t see this being a high priority for Monzo but I hope they have it on a list somewhere and get to it in the near future.

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