Senior Card/ Vulnerable person card

Would it be possible to request a card for a vulnerable person. I look after a 95yr old. She doesn’t trust the internet and understandably doesn’t want to use her Santander card for online shopping as it has all her saving in it. Is there a way to request a card in her name for her to use for her online shopping similar to what Pockit are offering atm??

Many thanks in advance

If all you want is a card for making online purchases, it may be better to look at prepaid cards for her, she can just top it up with the amount needed for each shop.

Here is the MSE page for some good prepaid cards:


I’ve tagged @natalieledward from the Vulnerable Customer team to see what the policy is around it.

@Steptoe I would expect you might not get a reply today though as it’s the weekend.


Why not just put the savings in a savings account (could stay with Santander), and use the account she already has for spending?

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Many thanks @danbeddows :+1: :+1:

Thanks for the question @Steptoe!

Have you explored setting up something that gives you authority to help with the person’s finances yet? There’s a really thorough guide on Citizen’s Advice that might be worth reading, to see which is the best option for you and the person in your care.

There’s a few ways we can help you in this situation. If you are able to support the person you are caring for through signing up for a Monzo account, or you have an account yourself we can discuss this in more detail with you through the in-app chat.

It’s worth letting you know that we would need some evidence that you have authority to help with the person’s financial affairs. I hope that’s helpful! :blush:


Hi @natalieledward,

Thank you for the reply. Yeap very helpful thanks.

Yes a LPA for property and financial affairs is in place and im the designated attorney. I will have to try and get the documents but as the donor is 95 and i’m not living with then, current rules state i cant go into the property to retrieve then!

As a point of interest Pockit will allow a card to be issued in another name with no checks but this a prepaid card and i assume have different governance regs??

I’m a ‘monzoee’ and also have a joint account with my partner already but wanted to be able to give my elderly friend a card for her to keep in her own name with a limited loss amount should they fall victim to an online/phone/doorstep scam etc.

Will try and get the LPA paperwork and will be in touch via the in-app chat as suggested.

Many thanks again