Prepaid cards for pots

It will be good to have prepaid sort of cards for pots. I can then set a budget for my younger daughter who cannot hold an account yet and she can pay using her card. Also same for my childcare person, i can then leave a card with them to pay expenses incurred, for eg travel, shops ir something like that

Starling have something like this and it’s a great feature. :slight_smile:

Monzo don’t offer this at the moment. Starling do, and I opened an account with them so I could get a shopping card for my mum to give to the people who shopped for her during lockdown.

The Starling card can’t be used online or in ATMs, only at a checkout (contactless or chip and PIN) and you can only spend what’s in the linked pot (or “space” as Starling call them).

So you actually get a physical card? That’s quite good.

Yes - it has my name on it, no s/c and a/c numbers, and the word “Shopping”. I get a notification each time it’s used and just top up the amount in the pot from the main account. My elderly mum who does not bank online can even give me a £100 cheque every few weeks to top up the main account which I can pay in using cheque imaging in the Starling app.


That sounds like a really good implementation. Sounds similar to the NatWest companion card as well

Totally misread the title as “Prepaid cards for pets” :joy:


Well, if you can give them to your kids, why not also Billy goats, sheep, dogs, cats or chickens?

Not chickens, surely ? :joy:

Chickens have rights too you know

Oh, I totally agree… sorry. Didn’t mean to alienate myself from chickens. :worried:

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My chickens wouldn’t need a card. I only give them a poultry amount.


But sheep?

Really? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Get your coat…:tired_face:


I didn’t think ewe would take that attitude


I can only hope you feel ashamed. You must!!!


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Here is the card picture I posted in the Starling discussion thread a while back. It has been useful.


Wow so many responses… This caught my attention

Very helpful thanks! I do have a starling account but not actively using it, will look into it…

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A little bit out of context, he’s replying to a couple of us making jokes.