PrePaid Card ATM use

The old mode of Monzo being a prepaid sadly missed. Want to send some cash on a card as wedding gift. Reciprients then able to draw off as and when required at ATM. Who offer this now?, or could they have a Monzo gift pot via my Monzo card?

May help?

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Even when it was a prepaid card it wasn’t suited to this purpose. It was still linked to you.


A bank transfer? A MasterCard gift card, which you can buy in most supermarkets? Or here:

Or weirdly just give cash? Surely if you are ‘gifting’ a prepaid card they’d need to know how much is on it anyway so it’s not like you’d be hiding the amount??

Go to a bank and ask for crisp fresh notes to make them ‘nicer’?

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I haven’t seen any supermarkets that sell such cards (not needing registration) and which allow atm withdraw