I don't need a physical card

Hi all. Just a small feedback idea.

My card is expiring and I just followed the flow to order a new one. Free delivery as it’s just a renewal.

My idea/feedback. Let me renew the card virtually. I don’t need a physical card. Haven’t used it in years.

You’ll save yourself £5 per card renewal plus it’s better for the environment. Win-win?

Further can be elaborated for the edge cases but the core idea is there


It’s a reasonable idea.

I didn’t use my Santander card at all for its entire life and they sent me a letter letting me know that they wouldn’t send a replacement unless I asked for one.


Does delivering a physical card to your address have some secondary-effect of verifying, periodically, that you live at said address? In an era of no-physical-statements even from legacy banks then… perhaps they like / need to? Just speculation though, heh.


The first card does, not sure after that.


I definitely want a card. While I use apple pay regularly I do not wish to be dependent on my phone for purchases. Also how would you withdraw cash (especially abroad)? What happens if my phone’s battery dies? There are also countries, e.g. Cape Verde, where contactless card machines are not yet mainstream so you’ll need to use the chip and pin to pay.

However, allowing one to choose looks like a good idea, as long as you can always get one.

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I mean, your phone battery dying is not as likely these days, I’ve seen contactless ATM’s in Spain, I didn’t try one though, which I regret, as they seem to be solving a problem

I think they work in ‘Transport’ mode, i/e If the phone dies, you can still get the cash out, as the machine asks for your pin, again. I can’t verify that as I didn’t get to try one

I take it you are not a fellow iPhone 12 user.


I think the choice of having the card is good enough. Defaulting to virtual card ideally.

It could probably cause a measurable impact in cost reduction and plastic/delivery co2 emissions. Even if only a percentage of users do it.


A consideration for me is that like many people I have multiple accounts but I only need one card. Starling is the card I keep and use occasionally - I don’t need a Monzo card, if I need cash and the Money is in Monzo I can just transfer it over.

Nah, iPhone 13 Pro Max user, on low power mode, I made it off the socket at 4am, to the accommodation in Spain at 7pm, with 30% left (offline video’s on the plane) on iOS 17 beta too

YMMV though