Sell laptop on CEX

I want to sell my laptop on CEX but I am stuck on how to do it, who has sold on there as I can not see how to do it.

Have you followed their guide? Which part are you stuck on?

I thought it would be like mazuma etc, just type what you have and it does. Can’t see where you enter what you have to sell

You create a basket with what you have to sell:

Search for it and select ‘I want to sell’

I’ll give it a go, it is a horrible website tbh. I can navigate most things but this… nope.

So having never looked at the website before I thought I’d have a look, quite literally type in what you want to sell it brings the items up you add it to the basket using the I want to sell option and check out.



What I am saying is though where does it say here

That you have to type here?

If it is there I must be blind

I’ve sold quite a few things in store and I have to say their website is pretty horendous unless you know EXACTLY what you’re looking for.

Also if they don’t have stock of what you’re trying to sell then good luck because without a product to click “I want to sell” there doesn’t seem to be any way of selling to them without going into store


The CEX website was, and clearly still is, horribly old-fashioned. But given that all the results have “I want to sell this item” buttons underneath them, and the bar says “Start a new search”, then to me at least is is clear that you have to type in there.


I’m quite sure that @Venomx can offer some help and advice. They’re expert at this sort of thing. More experience with CEX than I. :+1:


It quite literally tells you in the selling guide, I was on the website for 90 seconds and managed to do a I’m selling thing on 2 items just as a test

You could argue, that where does it say to buy stuff that you have to search? But I won’t raise that as a valid counterpoint.

It may be easier waiting for them to reopen stores, and take it into the store.

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Why should I have to go through the hassle of reading a guide?

Does Mazuma have a guide? Nope it is right in your face

Same for Music Magpie

2 sites that are simple to navigate without the need for reading a guide.

First thing you see is the search, that to me is buying and then you see on the right sell but you can’t click on it.

I will probably wait.

But you’re going on CEX to sell. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d assume that on a site to buy and sell, that the experience for both would be the same – which would make sense.

Instead of having a different experience for the buying and selling process, which would just be confusing.

SellMyMac are quite good.

CEX arent the most competitive price wise.

You can email them and ask them to produce a quote. They respond in a day or two in my experience

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The “I want to buy” button is right next to the “I want to sell” button in the results. That tells me the search is for both.

In addition to this, simply Googling “selling to CEX” gives you the article I posted in the first comment - which also tells you what to do :see_no_evil:

Why is CEX so prominent on this forum? Seems like there’s a daily post on it.