Monzo at CeX!

Still loving this Monzo CA! I was at CeX today, recycling / trading in a few old phones that were collecting dust :smiley:

Because I’d brought so much with me the lady behind the counter said they’d have to do it as a bank transfer, she asked to see my card (and was amazed multiple times by how bright it was! :joy:)

I knew what was about to happen, and it did, she asked about my sort code / account number. I can only assume that most people who trade things in at CeX don’t have Monzo cards? :wink: As Monzo definitely don’t print account details on the card.

So I proceeded to open the Monzo app… I went to hand my phone over the counter and realised that my balance was in the top left!! I didn’t fancy sharing that info :see_no_evil: So I ended up reading out my sort code & account number in a, thankfully, relatively quiet store. (i.e. not filled with people to overhear me!)

Their system seemed to accept my details first time though :smile: So hopefully once they test the devices and send me my earnings it’ll go through correctly :slight_smile:

Mini feature request, and I’ve definitely seen similar suggestions around this topic, I’d love to be able to hide my balance / any sensitive data if I need to, i.e. showing a cashier(?) my account details so I don’t need to read them outloud! … I wouldn’t want to write them down on any scrap paper either, unless I kept and destroyed it after the fact :wink:

Has anyone else used Monzo @ CeX before?


Temporary workaround - Copy them into a secure note and then only show that?


I don’t think this is an unreasonable request - particularly given there are no plans to print sort codes or account numbers on the cards. It could maybe be achieved by having a button in the app that displays account details specifically for this kind of situation, rather than one to hide the balance.

I’m not on the CA at the moment, so I’m not totally sure if it still has this layout, but in lieu of a ‘balance hiding’ feature would it not be best to show someone the account details on screen from the ‘you’ section? :thinking:

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I’m on iOS and the balance appears in small grey characters top centre of screen.

I hadn’t noticed this before and whilst it doesn’t stand out, I can’t imagine why it should be displayed here at all.

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It’s so if you navigate to other places in the app - say payments, you know how much is in your account. I like the feature, I can understand why people might want to disable it.

Disagree. In iOS if you navigate to the Spending or Payment screens it doesn’t appear, nor should it. I see no value in it appearing in the Card screen. If I want to check my balance it’s no more than one click away in the Home screen where it belongs.

Okay, that’s different from Android:

Personally, I like it.

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Given how many people feel uncomfortable showing their balance I wonder if the best solution is just to have a global toggle in the app’s settings that would hide any displayed balance and would require explicit user action (long press, fingerprint/Touch ID, etc) before revealing it?


That’s a great idea! It would also mean those concern about people randomly opening the app on their phone or looking of their shoulder would have an option where it was only possible to display the balance on fingerprint input, for example.

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I mean, I understand peoples concerns, however I anticipated these issues therefore I didn’t get rid of my welcome message containing my Account Number and sort code only

  • Perhaps this page should be kept to be viewed if needed as a button under card or somewhere?

Sometimes I also want to make payments and my card isn’t around, maybe clicking on the card its self could show me my active cards, numbers, CVV(2), & account number (maybe enter pin to view it?)



Starling shows long card number, expiry & CVV :slight_smile:

On Android CA the sort code and account number are at the top of the card screen.

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I agree with @SheaLavington that a full-screen page with all account information (with toggles if you only want to give one or two pieces of information out would be really useful.

If you go into payments and then click send via bank transfer the balance then appears.

I can’t figure out how to attach a screenshot on iOS, but I like the feature and think it’s useful!

Update on this!! And a positive one at that :wink:

I got a notification this afternoon from Monzo, lo and behold it worked!

CeX paid my via faster payments (not Bacs which I was led to believe would be the case). Solely backed up by the timing, I received word from the payments team yesterday, that my payment was going to be processed.

All in all, glad that my account details worked in CeX’s systems :slight_smile:


I’m on the CA and yes it still has the same layout. On iPhone at least… unsure about android :wink:

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