Best Place to sell a Xbox

Where best place to sell my xbox


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I forgot about them

CEX or one of those if you want a quick sale but less money

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Yh i know they kind or a rip off

eBay usually do promotion where anything you sell you only pay £1 selling fees, however you can sell on gumtree and Facebook shop for free

Facebook. Gumtree. Shpock.

Just chuck it in the bin and save yourself the effort.


Especially at this time of year. Anyone follow the subreddit Choosing Beggars?


Sure do, it’s a good read and a good laugh.

Down the rabbit hole I go :sweat_smile:


Or in the post to meeeee

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While I hate Facebook, their marketplace seems to be one of the best places for this sort of thing.

If you want quick cash, then facebook local for sale/wanted page and facebook marketplace, Gumtree. If you want a bit more money, then ebay, though you will have to ship it, and be stung by fees (ebay and paypal).