See your credit score in Monzo📊

Totally the opposite for me I’m not interested in having everything under one roof, I’d sooner hunt out the free apps and I’d sooner waste seconds of my life than a fiver a month, I am a Yorkshire man though and we don’t like handing cash over


This is the main benefit for me - love not having to go between apps

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Definitely an option and I’ve done that for a while. Though a lot more “free apps” now are in to data selling, advertising like there’s no tomorrow and a lot are badly designed (a lot of paid app are badly designed as well, though more free apps are the ones that cut corners - but not all).

So a single app that does it all for only £5 :man_shrugging:t2:

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Not found any bad apps yet and not that fussed about data been sold to be fair

Yeah same for me too. When you have very little time for yourself the last thing I want to be doing is wasting it by messing around comparing services. :grimacing:

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Does it update weekly like credit karma does though?

If it does thats well and good paying £5 per month to have a free service provided elsewhere “under the same roof”

If it doesnt then youre paying for a service thats obviously not as good as the service provided elsewhere for free, thats a whole other kettle of fish :joy:

Mine under Plus says it will update in 29 days, so I guess not, but it a) works for me, unlike CK, and b) is also often enough for my tastes

Could have been a good idea to copy what CapitalOne do and offer the credit score for free in the app but offer extra details for plustomers.

They’re charging a subscription for that!

Monzo officially informed those who had the free credit score option of its end on the day Plus was launched.

Definitely not worth it as a Plus extra as you can get it freely updated each week (as opposed to each month with Monzo) direct from Credit Karma.

Credit to Monzo, in the above email they did state you can get it free elsewhere.

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Who needs to check their credit file every week for goodness sake? You just need to check it every year or so to make sure there’s nothing wrong, essentially.


If we all take a step back and think what’s happening monzo and the CRAs have a :handshake: to pass around your data.

If anything they should be paying you to do this.

What’s happening with Monzo is that you’re essentially paying to access your own data.

This is wrong on so many levels even if it’s bundled under other junk you get for £5.

Should definitely be free imo.

The under one roof mentality is :crazy_face: imo.


That wasnt my point though was it.

My point was more on the if youre paying for a service youd like it to be on par or above the same service which is provided elsewhere for free would you not?

I think everything should be free since I wouldn’t have to work then. :man_shrugging:

Apparently, life doesn’t work like that, however :frowning:

But hey, who cares about reality? Make it all free!

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The problem I have with this is that I’m sure Monzo promised that they wouldn’t take anything away from customers and hide it behind a paywall and here we are: Credit Scores gone, Barclaycard access gone.

Is there going to be anything else?


You are better than that analogy.


Let not go crazy. They are competing with a free service that does it better, why would you pay for a crappier version just because it saves checking Credit Karma that once of twice a year you may want to see your report.

You certainly shouldn’t ever be paying to access your own data.

The other stuff in plus sure make em pay.


No one said everything in life has to be free :man_shrugging: .

Monzo have the ability produce much better premium offerings that should be paid for.

In this case it is free elsewhere and provided as a better service elsewhere. Simple.

That is the interesting question and my worry for using Monzo into the future.

It looks like while redeveloping Plus, Monzo grabbed every project being developed and pushed it into it to the detriment of the core offering.

I plan to try Plus on Tuesday, but it is not because I care for this credit score option.


Neither of those had ever been released, though, so… technically…

Actually, it may well be just because they were keeping it for Plus.

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What can I say? I’m feeling humorous.

On the serious point, while I have a morbid fascination with my credit score to see if I can find any correlation between it and the real world, I place no value on it at all even if it is free.

Nobody should care about their score but should care about their actual record (which of course is not available within Monzo Plus). The point is you should not be charged to access your own data (which you are not if you go elsewhere). Monzo paywalling access to your own data is not a good look IMO.

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