See your credit score in Monzo📊

Monzo have even stopped updating their shareholders of developments on a regular basis - the Loop investor email is now only annual.

That’s very poor for a firm which has so many crowdfunding investors.

Personally, I think bolstering their current offering (better customer service, having a telephone number that actually works, better cheque processing and as previously mentioned being a bank you can depend on) should be more of a priority than adding new features. Monzo are failing in some basic areas.

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What is monzos current credit score to get a overdraft with you, and IE do you have a set score

Why has @lpoolrob post been hidden. :man_facepalming:

I haven’t been following for a while has Monzo put out any kind of update about anything? Not specifically about credit score, just anything.


Nothing beyond mentioning the existence of a new team that’s been tasked with cleaning up all the little annoyances in the app. I can’t remember which thread they popped up in.

Exciting stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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I doubt that they have a set score and it is based on other factors too.

They won’t tell you what the criteria is (no bank will) so that people don’t game the system. However, if you look in app it now tells you a rough reason why you might be declined :slight_smile:

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Someone so busy being offended they didn’t bother to learn the definition of offensive.

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