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So according to Which, Monzo is meant to have rolled out a free credit report on the app for everyone. However looking at the accounts this is only available for the paid accounts. The article said it would be free when it was published 3 years ago

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The article is wrong. I’ve never seen anything from Monzo that suggests it will become a free product but then they did make trends available to all so one day maybe

Even with Monzo Plus it’s just your TransUnion credit report, which you can get with CreditKarma. It’s also what NatWest Group and Lloyds Group use in their apps, and MoneySuperMarket too. Anywhere that gives you a free credit score and report is just from TransUnion as they seem to be more open to partnerships. So just download CreditKarma and you’ll get the same report.

With that in mind, it is weird that Monzo paywall it, but there’s nothing in it you can’t get for free elsewhere anyway.

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Yeah trends that doesn’t work properly. I hate that feature. It’s pointless to me.

I had a look at the paid accounts and yeah, they’re is nothing in them that I can’t get elsewhere.


I think (big think, about 6.3% sure) that credit score was free to view.

Then got moved under plusmium when they got released.

So the article was valid for a short period of time


That might be true but the one thing I will stick up for is that I think the budgeting features Monzo offer do stack up to a level no other bank I’m aware of offer.

Just a shame the rest of it is lacking really.

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Oh good, we haven’t this discussion in a while.


Should I get the popcorn?

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I’m pretty sure it was free when launched (at least a basic version of it). Then was quickly moved behind a paywall to only be a part of plus.

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Yep, it was:


Apparently it was and I should’ve known since I was a Monzo customer then.

But the article is still out of dat3

Every feature they have paywalled is available elsewhere for free. I really am not sure who Plus appeals to. I’m curious to find out what benefit they perceive to be getting from it though.

Metal card. Which only I actually get to ‘touch’ these days as everything is contactless :joy:


General outlook is:

  1. Open banking for full transparency within the same app and merge into Trends for overview of your spending
  2. Virtual cards from Pots
  3. Custom categories to expand and refine budgeting.

Monzo has one of the best budgeting setups for now, and while paying the £5 fee is frustrating, some really find valuable return on it.

The rest a pointless effort tbh.

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