See your credit score in Monzo📊

Hey everyone :wave:

I’m super excited to be sharing this with you all! We’ve been working on seeing your credit score in Monzo for a while now, so it’s really great we get to share this with you now.

Just a few things for you all :eyes:

  • It’s not available to everyone just yet. We’re testing it over the next few weeks, and then when we’re happy it’s working well, we’ll start a slow rollout. We’re hoping everyone can have it by the end of April, but it could be longer.
  • It’s TransUnion’s score. We work with them, and Experian, to help make decisions about loans and overdrafts. We started working on this with TransUnion because we’ve got the longest and most established relationship with them out of the main three credit reference agencies.
  • This is just the beginning! We’ve got lots of plans to improve seeing your credit score in Monzo :wink:

Have a read of the blog post to learn much more!




Awesome! Will this be in Labs? :smiley:

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Just can’t get excited over seeing a fictional credit score :man_shrugging:

If it will give access to my TransUnion credit reports, then it would save me logging in to Credit Karma to view them though.


Great news!

Will we get notifications each month letting us know if it has gone up or down? :tophat:

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Awesome! Will this be in Labs? :smiley:

Not right at the moment, @alexs I’m afraid!

But, we’re hoping to have it fully available for everyone soon enough :blush:


I can already see this causing a few threads of my score is “Excellent” and yet Monzo still won’t offer me an overdraft or loan.

Will it actually show anything that we couldn’t already see through Credit Karma like how Monzo judges your affordability @jackcully ?

Like our estimate of your monthly income of £x is close to what you have told us.

However we think you have commitments of £y and only £z disposal income, so no dice.

/ I can feel the devs lurking going oh we spent ages on this, don’t say we’ve just copied Credit Karma. :hear_no_evil:

Thanks! We’re super excited about this🕺

You will be able to get notifications about your score moving every month :blush:


Something new! Huzzah!

There was a preview of the designs (which might have changed now of course), at The Future of Monzo. It looks better than any other credit score checker that I’ve seen :star_struck:


Yeah I remember this well and commenting at the time the 698 typo on the graph. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Unfortunately for Monzo, Credit Karma updated their app last month and now does all this recommendation stuff on all the factors.

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I don’t think other provider’s services matter much tbh, this sort of info’s been accessible elsewhere for a long time.

In my opinion the most important thing is that Monzo’s making this easily accessible in the app and integrating it with their services (like loans), to build out the financial dashboard and make Monzo even more of a ‘one stop shop’ for your finances.


Don’t get me wrong it is good Monzo are trying, just it doesn’t yet bring anything new to the table.

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Let’s see how it shapes up once it’s out :grin: What else would you like it to include?

Bit harsh. I wouldn’t say they’re “trying”, it’s a starting point of something to build on as they’ve said.


I would say the ‘new thing’ it brings to the table is amalgomating it into a bank app for all customers to see without having to sign up for an external service. Especially helpful for those less inclined to think to go looking for it.


As mentioned above trying to draw @jackcully into the discussion.

We have had one half of the story for a while we can already see our TransUnion credit report via Credit Karma and what things can be done to make you as sexy to a lender as possible.

What we don’t have is any transparency on what conclusions Monzo are drawing from it.

Without obviously revealing the actual weightings and calculation they could have shown the assumptions which could bring some light on why you got the offer or no offer and what you can do to improve the situation.

Now they would probably need to build some way of handling the disputes, so if they are wildly wrong then you can submit evidence. If they allowed submissions it could help improve the current guessing into something thats much more accurate.

An example would be something as simple as showing what TransUnion thinks your salary is and Monzo would show what you submitted and if its out of the acceptable delta you can submit payslips/proof to correct this.

Another would be we can see £x coming into your Monzo account, but 95% of it going by next payday, we don’t think you have enough wiggle room to afford that loan.


Huh, Monzo ask you to let them know what your salary is when you apply for a loan already?

I think that’s part of the purpose of this feature.

That’d be good.

I for one am happy to see this landing within the app. I could be wrong but I don’t know of any other bank that shows CRA data within their app.

Yes I can get it direct from CK but it just makes it easier having it within the app.

I know we have discussed credit scores on other threads and whilst they aren’t calculated on an exact science, they give an indication of how the CRAs view your credit worthiness. Some lenders do use credit scoring and not just history when making lending decisions.

So I say my salary is £70,000 in the Monzo text input.

TransUnion say my salary is £55,000 in the report.

Thats a £15,000 difference which Monzo have previously stated counts against you for the delta being too great.

If I show a P60 or three months of salary at £70,000 then Monzo can correct this assumption.

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I agree. Banks don’t even see your “credit score” from any credit reference agency (CRA) they choose to use when making lending decisions. They only see your credit history details that the CRA has and which might be incomplete because not all lenders report to all CRAs as has been discussed here a number of times.