Payment reversals shouldn't be included in my daily spend

Hi - I love seeing how much I’ve spent daily and monthly, it’s a great way to help me budget :grinning:

I transfer a chunk of my salary to my Monzo account every month, when I tried today the transaction was reversed. So the money came in then left my Monzo account straight away.

Because the money left my account, it’s showing as a general payment and my daily spend is showing as £1000 when that’s not accurate!

It would be great if payment reversals didn’t effect your daily/monthly spend as February’s breakdown will never be accurate now.

Otherwise, I’m really enjoying Monzo and love the app. Looking forward to new features in the future :grin:

Was it a faster payment? Sounds like a bug so would you mind reporting it in the support chat? You can just link them here :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve just had a similar issue. Anyone know if this was ever reported as a bug?