Salaries and CASS concerns

Still concerned that my salary wont be automatically transfered after activating CASS. Has anyone had issues.

Salary is one of the simple ones - if anything is paid into your old account via transfer (such as your salary) it will automatically, usually instantly, be transferred to your new account you’ve CASS’d to. Every time this happens, the sender automatically received your updated account number etc. too so they pay your correct account from next time.

This happens for a period of at least 3 years, I believe. Plenty of time to check with your HR that the bank account details have been updated automatically to the new ones.


Regardless of CASS, I would always inform HR/Payroll of any new account details. They’ll often have a proper form to be completed for their records.


Indeed in my case our company HR web system, not great in very many other ways, allows me to go in and change it myself, so I imagine there’s not even a paper form in lots of office based places now


My salary went in fine and even showed in the Monzo app the day before when using CASS.

The company I work for state that they “don’t listen to CASS” so I did manually change them as well (which takes about a month to take effect!)


I went full monzo using the CASS and everything transferred across fine.

Yep, I’m the same.

The only difference was that when the payroll department saw the change to monzo, as they’de not heard of it before (quite a traditional company, even though I’m a tech dude for them) they just asked me to confirm that it was a “real bank”.

For other companies giving them monzo has never been an issue


For the sake of an email to HR, I would definitely advise them of the change.

No harm.


Even if they don’t listen to CASS it still gets forwarded.

I know that. Just means I have to ask them to update it so that it shows correctly. I’d rather it be correct than not. What if the forward fails one day? Just another thing to avoid going wrong

Definitely tell them but I wouldn’t worry about the very short term, forwarding is done by the Bank payments system.

Cheers Guys thanks for all your help and advise

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I’ve recently completed the switch using CASS. So far, everything’s come in and gone out as it should so its a big thumbs up from me.

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