Search feed for exact money transaction

(Justin Seals) #1

Been trying to do a bit of auditing of previous transactions and finding it really frustrating having only more than or less than in the search, why can’t we have an exact equals? Would be really helpful!

(Dean) #2

You can search for >£100 but <£101 and it will show anything in between.

(Justin Seals) #3

Of course I can, it’s just a bit frustrating to have to do, especially not paying attention properly and putting the wrong amount against the wrong more than or less than, an equals option would just in my opinion be a great addition

(Jolin) #4

Or just allow us to put the amount directly in the search (eg 2.25) without any operator. Currently this results in a seemingly random result that doesn’t include the transaction with that amount!

(Justin Seals) #5

Agreed, that’s what I did first and was confused when it didn’t work!