IFTTT help ‘If sent £5, add to pot’


I don’t think this is going to be possible, but I don’t know much about IFTTT.

What I’m trying to do is ‘Is a certain person sends me exactly £5, add it to a selected pot’

Just looking for thoughts on if this is possible/any hacky ways of making this work.


You might be able to do it with one of the merchant ones. It’s supposed to be for spending, so not sure if it will work backwards.

Does this person also send you more/less than £5? Is it just the £5 you want to move?

Otherwise it’ll be a platform jobbie.

So someone regularly sends me a fiver that I always put into a pot.

They very rarely send my anything other than the fiver.

Doesn’t it just work with card payments?

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Looks like it.

In which case, you should be able to do it with the Platform but that requires code and beyond my skillset to help!

Okay thanks for your help! Beyond my skill set too I would think :joy: