How is search supposed to work when you're searching for an amount?

How is search supposed to work when you’re searching for an amount?
If I enter the exact amount of a transaction (e.g. 11.64 verbatim) shouldn’t it find a transaction of that amount? (It doesn’t)
If I enter 64 shouldn’t it find any transaction with 64 in the string £64.10, £20.64
It doesn’t seem to do what I expect, when compared with other banks search facilities so my expectations need adjusting…
All help welcome, thanks.


I’ve never used it for searching by amount, it never occured to me to use it that way and I’m not sure it’s intended to be.

Things I have searched by:

  • Merchant name
  • Dates
  • Categories

(Also, it would help if you say if you’re using iOS or Android, as I understand there are differences in how search works between the two platforms)

ios, and thanks very much for the reply.
It works like that for other banking apps, it never occurred to me that it wouldn’t be designed to find an amount!
Perhaps I could suggest it as a wanted feature…

In iOS you can achieve a specific amount search by combining the “greater than” and “less than” search filters.

But for amount search without using these filters vote here -

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I wish us poor Android users had advanced search with filters :pensive:


Doing a greater than less than is what I do if needed. But a bit cumbersome I also don’t like how the symbols work. In my head the first one should be greater than as the value is to the right of the bigger open bit…

Also it seems that the first is less than and the second is greater than or equal to which I find a bit odd/ unclear/ illogical.

The formatting makes sense to me. The value you’re searching for (0.99) is less than 1 and greater than 0.98. So in both cases apex of symbol is pointing to the smaller value

0.99 < 1
0.99 > 0.98

I believe that’s the standard way of using these symbols

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As it’s the pointy bit that’s the important one, it may help if you see them as arrows.

Yes. I see it now. Just not how it works in my head. I think it is because I normally think about it with the number to the left of the symbol not the right of it. Personal issues!

Voted thanks. Although > and < might have their uses, getting the basics working first would be a good start.

I voted too. Although I actually feel slightly different to you. It’s very rare that I ever want to search for an exact amount, so for me that type of search would be more of nice to have. If I had to choose I’d much rather the ability to search within a range of values (which we have as iOS users). If I were an Android user I’d be pushing for > and < search more than I would for exact amount search.

I wonder if anyone has considered an = sign?

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That doesn’t get interpreted as a search operator. Although that comment just made me realise you can actually type > and < in the search box and they will be interpreted as search operators. I had always previously been picking > and < from the iOS filter buttons (above the keyboard).

I wonder if > and < gets interpreted as search operators in Android even though not available as filter buttons?

How long have we been waiting now for both platforms to do the exact same things :thinking::joy: