Improved search ideas

The general search is very lacking. I’m suggesting:

  1. The ability to search for amounts giving a numerical figure (ie inputting 20 should show me results for 20.00. Currently I get nothing returned

  2. The ability to search for partial amounts. Searching for 20 should also return those for 10.20

  3. The ability to search for incoming transactions only

** Please nobody say ‘if you do this one easy thing it’ll work around it!’ :persevere: **

It is very easy, tho. You sure you don’t want to know?


Go on then! The idea behind these improvements is not having to work around shortcomings, but I’m curious, so tell me. :grin:

I think in the other thread you said you’re on an Android device.

To put it bluntly, search on Android is shit and needs addressing. iOS have much richer search options which have never been ported over to Android.

Search needs an overhaul, so hopefully they implement some of your ideas.

There’s a screenshot of iOS search in the thread below.

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I am indeed an Android user, but my wife has the iOS app so I just looked at that to compare.

To my surprise, searching for 10 or 10.67 does not bring up a transaction for that exact amount. Then I spent a little longer and saw the icons you can use to filter, which are a step in the right direction but nothing near what I’d expect from a modern mobile app.

So, to summarize, searching for figures in the iOS app doesn’t yield the results I’m looking for either, so it’s not a platform-specific issue.