Search function to include results for amount


Often companies don’t have their real name on credits…debits and sometimes use different names for each.

Would it be possible to add the amount of money into the search results…?

So rather that searching for say Tesco…I could search for 58.76

Does this make sense?

That makes sense, though I’m not convinced I would ever use it.

Just because I am not sure I would be able to remember exact amounts

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There’s a few times I’ve needed it tbh…just feels like an easy addition to make


Even if I don’t think I’d use it, I see that some might, so can’t hurt to add it.

What would be you use case?
As I can’t be sure I’d remember exact amounts for transactions t

I would like this too.

I often use transaction amount to search for specific receipts/order confirmations in my email. Would be good to be be able to search for specific transactions this way in Monzo too.

On iOS (not sure about Android) there is a work around - you can use combination of ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ search filter options, but would be good to be able to just search exact amount.


I read this, was really surprised that you couldn’t do this already so went and tried, only to find that the original poster is right - you can’t search amounts.

This made me think two things:

  1. this needs to be fixed!
  2. in the years that I’ve had a Monzo account I’ve never actually noticed that you can’t do that, so do I really need it?

(I still think it should be part of a reworked search though).


Unless it was something specific, I’m unlikely to know how much something was. But I’d know in a range of money, so it would be good if you could search between amounts.

I think you can do that on iOS whereas the Android search has always been much more basic.

I think it was suggested a few years ago that Monzo was going to rework search on both platforms, but sadly that appears to no longer be a priority.


Oh yeah, there’s all sorts of options to search with! Never noticed that before!

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I’ve needed this several times and it always catches me out that it’s missing. Even the basic Nationwide app can do this! :speak_no_evil:

I also raised this recently (though it’s somewhat buried):


I hope they take this on board :metal::metal::metal:

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Also needed to do this a few times and been disapointed.

This is really something that should be the same on android and iOS. It’s key functionality.

I’d use it. Great suggestion @Torzienjim

I think the speed of the search needs to improve first.

I need this functionality. I’m amazed it isn’t there. The Halifax app (and many others) allows amount search.