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Hi - tried making a payment today, but it wouldn’t let me input the pin as a screen overlay was detected. Shut down all other apps but made no difference. Turned off ambient mode, made no difference. Gave up and used starling instead.

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What device is it? (obvs :android: but is it stock, Samsung, O+, etc.?)

Do you have a 3rd party time-based screen colour alteration app (like f.lux) installed?
Such apps may cause this issue.

Custom keyboards can do this

It’s a security feature to make sure your screen isn’t being recorded. Even if you’re sure you haven’t got one and even though there are plenty of other reasons why this could be flagged it’s worth running a virus scan on your phone to check nothing sketchy has been secretly installed on your device. Plenty of scanners on the app store.

Hi, thanks for the replies. It’s a O+6, stock other than Google keyboard. Would be amazed if that prevented a payment though given it’s such a common app for Android phones.

It’s clearly something that Monzo finds a security concern so I personally wouldn’t just give up and move to another bank, especially another app based one on the same phone :confused:.

Hopefully it’s just a false positive but I’d still be wanting to get to the bottom of it to be 100% sure. Have you messaged in app?

Screen Overlays are incredibly annoying on Android, Starling not picking them up as a security issue should be very concerning to you as a consumer. Unfortunately the app doesn’t need to be open for it to draw over the top of other apps, Facebook Messenger is a prime example of this.

Turning them off can be relatively easy though, however, all manufacturers put the settings in different places, if you go to this article you should be able to find your phones manufacturer and the right location of the setting

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I have the same issue. Its doing my head in

Which out of the solutions posted above have you tried?

I too have this issue. Have tried all solutions found. Nothing works!

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