Android app - Monzo - Screen Overlay

Hi guys,

I’ve found this bug that when Facebook has a chat bubble on my screen and I go into Monzo to try and transfer money, it detects that their is a screen overlay. Which at this point is correct…

So I close down the speech bubble, close all my apps (Monzo, Facebook etc…) then, re-open Monzo to complete the transfer and it still prompts their is a screen overlay.

To get around this issue, I have to restart my phone then go back into the Monzo app to complete the transfer.

Please can this be looked into and resolved, as very annoying.

Probably not as it is a security (as far as I know) so things can’t be copied my screen presses I.e ur PIN number

Which phone is this, force stopping Facebook should work.

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Sounds like a bug in Facebook (or ‘feature’ in their double-speak), not in Monzo.