Overlay warning (can't press Send Money button) just started

(Kim W) #1

Hey, my husband this morning received this warning for the first time. I know a little about it, and sort of why it is a feature, but I’m posting as I’m curious whether anyone else has suddenly started getting it.

For him, I believe it was to do with chat heads from Messenger - when the warning appeared there were no chat heads open but the feature was enabled. I disabled them and then restarted Monzo and the warning stopped appearing (didn’t stop after just disabling). No other apps have permission to appear over other apps, and he doesn’t have any night mode enabled, so most likely it was the chat heads.

The confusing part is that he’s made many transfers before and always had chat heads enabled (sometimes even open!). I don’t know if it’s a Monzo change, a Messenger change or just one of those “Who knows what changed?” things. Anyone else having this issue just started?

And I guess if it is messenger, and plans for afix or to remove the warning? I personally hate chat heads anyway, but my husband relies on them a lot when in apps that he can’t exit and re-enter easily and smoothly.


I don’t understand any of that question

(Kim W) #3

Sorry, I can ramble a bit… I’m guessing you’ve not received the overlay warning or you’d know what I was on about. It’s a warning that appears telling you a button has been disabled because another app is operating over the top of this one.

My questions are

  1. Is anyone else getting this warning without changing any settings, who wasn’t getting it before this week?
  2. If so, is this a change on Monzo’s end?

(#savetheseabass) #4

Do you have a screenshot (with all important data hidden)? And phone and operating system info might be useful as well

(Kim W) #5

Will add all those tonight when back with my husband, thanks! Would normally add them all anyway but was in a rush to leave for work.

(#savetheseabass) #6

Somebody might know the answer before then :crossed_fingers:

(Gareth) #7

Disabling transfers while overlay/certain night light apps run has been around for a while now

It’s more odd that it worked before, but it’s intentional as a security measure.

(Kim W) #8

Thanks! Sorry for the delay, apparently I read the post then didn’t post my reply…:fearful:

That is odd. I guess we’ll see whether it’s kind of working sometimes or if it’s just started working properly.

That’s fair enough. I get the security thing. It is frustrating for him though I’m sure… An option to E.g. add “safe” apps to a list would be handy, but I’m sure that’s not a priority for the team at the moment!