I cannot use my app at all

I cannot log back in to my banking app after being told I should delete the app and reinstall. Samsung s9+ with the latest updates installed. Before this I couldn’t send money because it said the same thing. Has anyone else had this at all? I need a fix asap

Have you disabled all screen overlays? This could be things like Facebook messenger

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Yes I have

Are using a a stock keyboard or a different one?

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Are you using Nova Launcher? Some users have reported issues with NL - try disabling/uninstalling it.

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Just to report back I have found the issue. Google recently added new swipe features that are similar to the new Apple home swipe etc and this was the app that was overlaying and causing the issue. I went through the entire lot of apps and limited their use and then tried turning off the side bar on edge and the last thing was the swipe for home and now it all works fine. Anyone with the latest one ui 2 just avoid turning that on as it’s not fully compatible with all apps yet


That’s great to hear and thank you for coming back to share how it was resolved. We can now help others who experience this issue :slight_smile:


Kudos on troubleshooting and reporting back :clap:t5:

How bizarre!

I’ve been using the new gestures since Android 10 developer preview 2 - now called '‘Gesture Navigation’ in Settings -> System -> Gestures -> System Navigation - and never had a problem with any app including Monzo. But I am on stock Android 10 whereas you may be on a skinned version of Android.

What was the name of the app - was it simply ‘Google’?

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As a dyed–in–the–wool Apple user I’ve often thought about switching to a Pixel as I generally use Google apps and services. But it’s weird behaviour like this, where you have to troubleshoot ‘overlaid, invisible’ apps acting on top of the OS that make me reticent. Thanks for taking the time to come back and update on what the problem was.


Personally I’d say this is more a samsung thing than a nice stock pixel issue! Samsung love overlaying Android with a load of rubbish. (they’re using an edge sidebar so it’s a giveaway its not stock android).

I’d have to agree, I’ve noticed the S9 being mentioned a lot when it comes to overlay issues. I have a Pixel and have never had any such issues.

One word… Bixby.

Enough said :laughing:

Afraid it’s stuff like this though which gives ‘Android’ a bad name. How is any regular user supposed to know if they’ve got a good version of the OS, or a bastardised version?

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