[Android] Overlay detected despite there being no overlays

Overlay app blocking payment to another mozo account. Account transfers were working 2 days ago too.

Details to reproduce:
All background apps closed, overlay bubbles closed too

Android 8.1.0

Samsung Note 9

App Version:


Hmm what’s that thing on the left edge of the screen? It looks slightly similar to the Samsung edge swipe thing?
Edit: “One Hand Operation +” via Samsung Good Lock?


Your keyboard is still open. For me, as I don’t have a stock Android keyboard, the keyboard has go be closed before payment can be made.


I’ve had a problem recently, where Facebook Messenger is still overlaying, even though it’s closed.
Luckily the version of Android I have, states when an app is overlaying, including its name which so happens to be Messenger.

To add, I think the message needs some refinement as my mother had this same issue and she had no clue what it meant.


where Facebook Messenger is still overlaying, even though it’s closed.

I wonder why… :thinking:


My thoughts exactly!
I’m probably going to install the Lite version again as they’ve made it really difficult to use via mobile web.

I took that screenshot to show the error message and that no chat bubbles are showing, but unfortunately it had the keyboard. I have tried it both with the keyboard down and up and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. As for the Samsung edge app bar that has been there by default since I got my phone and shouldn’t be an issue with using monzo as I’ve made transfers before with it there as well as the messenger chat bubble and app active too. It’s a weird one…

Are all permissions allowed for the Monzo app? Permission request popups can cause this error

just a small update (would have been nice to have had some input from the monzo team), but I solved this issue by turning off all screen overlays in settings.
settings > apps > special access (3 dots at top right on samsung) > Appear on top .
hope this helps someone

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If you turn on per saving mode this will do the same thing

I have same issue

App working fine 3 days ago and I’ve turned all overlaying apps off and I’ve even switched to ultra battery saving mode

I have the same issue! All overlaying apps turned off, pwr saving mode ON. Every other app closed. Don’t know what else to do. I’m running a P30 Pro running Android 10. Can someone please help!

Can you please sort this out?!?!??!?! It’s been happening for years, where is your customer obsession? Why every 2-3 months I have to deal with the same crap - where’s the benefit for me keeping my salary in Monzo? To get a headache every time I need to pay something because you can’t figure out a UX bug? Don’t you write end to end tests? HSBC app is much slower to sign in, but man have I ever had a problem with them? NO - will switch my salary there - shame!

Or don’t use a bug laden OS with huge security flaws?

This has to be there because it would be a huge risk for customers who end up with malware that will read their info and take their money.

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Really? So Monzo’s way of fixing issues is to advice me on changing a flagship phone while tarnishing hard work of devs @OnePlus? FYI I’m experiencing the issue while I have no other apps open. It’s funny how people get an opinion about anything without knowing what the issue is - true customer obsession, this way everyone will stay with Monzo, very nice!!!

It’s clearly not an issue with every single user on Android.

There is something running on your phone that Monzo deems suspicious.

Would you prefer for Monzo not to have this security check and one day wake up and all your money has gone?

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ISTR one of my old Android phones had a mode - dark mode or power saving, I forget which exactly - which if turned on used a screen overlay as part of achieving its intended result. Think it might have been dark mode (or maybe it was night mode, adjusting the red/blue colour balance), because it wasn’t using Android’s native dark mode functions and was using the overlay to to achieve the intended display results instead.

So that’s at least one possible way how the phone could still have an overlay running even if all apparent apps are closed.

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If you use Facebook Messenger, definitely check to see that it’s not running in the background.

If anyone’s still experiencing issues with this, I find that if you turn your Bluetooth off it solves the overlay issue. Simple fix.

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