"Screen overlay detected" due to Android's own Night Mode enabled

(Gergely Imreh) #1

I’m using the latest Monzo app (version 1.21.1) on Android, and recently run into this really confusing restriction.

When trying to send money to another Monzo contact, I had this “overlay detected” block pop up and prevent me of sending any funds.

I remembered, that I did stopped all other apps using overlays before, so this mystified me. Nevertheless, went back to double-check, and all apps were switched to “No”, whether they can Draw over other apps. I looked and switched all system apps to “No” as well (which wasn’t needed last time I did this check). Still no change.

In the end I hunted down, that it’s the Android system’s own “Night Mode” that is triggering this warning.

If I switch Night Mode off, the Monzo app lets me send funds…

This can be really confusing. I only guessed the Night Mode, because on other devices I’ve seen this block due to the “Twilight” app that does the same, but here it is not an app but Android’s own functionality.

Is it really intended to be blocked? Or is it some oversight?

I’m using Android 7.0 on HTC One M9.

Overlay warning (can't press Send Money button) just started
(Allie) #2

That isn’t Android’s own night mode (which is called Night Light), that’s something added by the manufacturer…


My stock Pixel ‘Night Light’ one looks as follows and doesn’t trigger any warning:

I’ve also been okay with the Facebook ‘chat heads’ which can cause issues with other apps.

Do you have system UI tuner under settings? I think you can enable it with a long press on the cog from the nav bar (if HTC has it there) you might be able to then enable ‘Night Light’ within the status bar options, or at least control screen tint. I’m only guessing from memory here, I’ve been on android 8 for quite a while

(Allie) #4

Really, the title of this should be changed to ‘screen overlay detected due to badly implemented HTC night mode’…

(Kathryn Daniels) #5

Getting the same issue and I don’t have any other apps open, and I’ve got a pixel rather than HTC…

(Allie) #6

I don’t have this happen on my Pixel 2

(Tony Hoyle) #7

Fine on my pixel 2 too.

It’s likely you’ve installed something that creates a screen overlay.

Go to settings->Apps and Notifications->Advanced->Special App Access->Display over other apps

Anything that is in there that shouldn’t be, remove its permission (should be 99% google stuff on there but you get some surprising ones from apps wanting ‘kitchen sink’ permissions).


I’m not getting this on Android ‘P’ either on my 1st gen pixel.

Facebook Messenger chat heats can cause overlay issues when doing app debugging though :frowning:

(Adam Williams) #9

Easy enough to patch out