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When I am trying to use the Monzo app it is saying I have an overlaying app that is preventing me from continuing. I am using Android 10 and it suggests that this may be a messenger app or screen filter.

After disabling all apps that are allowed to ‘draw over apps’ and enabling them one by one it seems that my Nova Launcher app is the problem. Would there be any way around this as I have paid for the premium version of Nova Launcher to customize my phone and don’t really want this to go to waste now that I have switched banks.

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All overlaying apps are turned off but still have the error message when trying to make a payment.

(Scrollshot was also turned off but turned it on so i could screenshot the whole menu.)

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Try turning off nova, logging in and changing authentication from pin to biometrics and then turning nova back on to see if that works.

Also check if there’s a setting called search as overlay or similar

Seems like a silly question but, has Monzo got all the permissions it needs?

I just tried it with Nova Launcher turned off and still the same so maybe its not Nova launcher :frowning:
Monzo has got all the permissions it requires, probably more because I just enabled everything…

Getting the Overlaying app issue with everything disabled under ‘draw over apps’ and with Nova Launcher disabled and no longer set as default home screen.

I wonder if it is the fact that Huawei P30 uses an inscreen fingerprint reader and when I require it it overlays the app to give me the fingerprint icon??

Back up your nova config , uninstall and reboot and have a check.

Alternatively turn off /remove permissions for screen recorder or similar?
Is your screen casting?

Seems like you aren’t the only one

Yes I also looked at system processes as I hadn’t before and managed to turn everything off apart from something called ‘Digital Balance’ and ‘System UI’ as they’re both greyed out.

Its tempting to see if a factory reset will resolve this but I can imagine I’ll have to go through a lot of hassle restoring my password manager, google authentication, etc.

Turn on power saving mode (settings - battery) and this will disable the overlaying apps in the background.

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